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Case Study: Start-Up Incubator

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Here at Red Argyle, we love tackling tough problems! So when a long-time client came to us with a challenge from one of its corporate divisions, we were eager to take it on.

The organization works with young companies and founders that use breakthrough technologies to solve humanity’s biggest problems. As a startup incubator, it helps new companies refine their businesses and grow. Not all these young companies “make it,” but others become successful, standalone businesses.

The incubator’s management team saw the undeniable value that Salesforce could bring to their business model, including visibility into the startup companies and supporting each company’s unique business. However, the onboarding, evolution, and graduation of the companies created unique challenges. Notably: how to build a scalable, multi-tenant instance that properly firewalls the businesses but also provides unified reporting and success metrics visibility to investors.

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Red Argyle logo
Red Argyle logo

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