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Salesforce Communication and Media Solutions

Grow your business in a fast-changing industry while retaining your customer base.

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adaptiveness and technical longevity in an ever changing industry.

Few industries change as quickly as communication and media. New media types and delivery methods combined with diverse customer preferences create massive troves of data. Has your platform kept up with the changes and allowed you to capitalize on this information? A Salesforce integration provides deep data analytics, giving you a full view of your customers, prospects, advertising, ROI and more. Its forward-looking platform provides longevity that few systems can offer. As the industry changes, Salesforce can adapt to continue working with legacy systems, ensuring your customers can maintain their preferences while you coax them toward new and exciting offerings. Red Argyle’s Salesforce consultants can develop seamless custom integrations that grow engagement and revenue streams.
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Improve consumer acquisition and retention with engaging personal interactions.

Between cross-channel client reporting, subscriber lifecycles, and intellectual property management, you need a Salesforce consultant who understands the industry’s best practices and can leverage every asset you have into the Salesforce platform. Instead of siloed information separated by systems with their own moving parts, Red Argyle can bring all the necessary information into one platform, unifying the back-end channels while improving the user experience.

Converge media plans, subscriber management, offers and promotions, marketing, advertising, and self-service options into one integrated system. Maximize revenue, flip effortlessly between client acquisition and retention, and engage your consumer on the personal level they’ve come to expect.

Customizable Options with Red Argyle

Red Argyle gives your customers what they want, the way they want it.

If your user experience is lagging, the competition will quickly snap up your customers. Red Argyle leverages the latest innovations of both Salesforce and your industry, creating platform architecture to create a leading user experience. Our tenacity solves the complex problems of integrating legacy systems with new delivery methods. Our curiosity has us consistently rewriting the rulebook to revolutionize what’s possible with Salesforce.


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With Salesforce, you can delight your customers with personalized experiences.

We can help deploy your new Salesforce platform, engineer new facets to create new user experiences, and build new apps to round out your offerings. Salesforce takes your existing, new, or legacy technology and optimizes your user data to change the way you do business forever. If you are ready for real results, skip the runaround and contact Red Argyle for a Salesforce consultation today.

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