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Salesforce for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Innovation and Engagement Through Salesforce Integration

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Integrate multiple platforms to seamlessly connect patients, providers and payers.

Red Argyle helps solve the big-picture Salesforce questions. By starting with “why,” we uncover how the platform can best meet your business goals. We don’t throw bodies at your problem – we bring excellence to the table. By finding your true purpose, we can develop solutions that solve current issues while predicting future needs.

With this deep understanding and experience, we can provide a host of strategic guidance. Our adaptable custom solutions and forward-thinking innovations drive success throughout your business’ lifecycle. Our Salesforce consulting process has four crucial steps to get you where you want to be.

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Safe, Secure, and Compliant

Built-in security and compliance measures keeps your data safe.​

Sensitive data traveling through multiple points requires a robust strategy to manage the compliance risks that impact your use of the platform. Salesforce builds protection into all their products. You can harness the data you need to grow without compromising the trust of your customers. In addition to protecting the end-to-end data, you also have built-in backup, disaster recovery planning and event monitoring capabilities.

As Salesforce developers, Red Argyle is committed to the platform’s strong privacy controls. We participate in continuous hands-on training for the latest security innovations. We use secure coding guidelines for our integrations to safeguard your sensitive data. Any custom developments will comply with regulatory guidelines and remain safe within the Salesforce architecture.

Red Argyle’s Approach to the New Healthcare Landscape​
Engage with every aspect of the healthcare system to ensure better patient outcomes.​

Traditional solutions based on parallel legacy systems not only frustrate your end-users, but they also limit your ability to adapt to changes. Patients demand personal care under new delivery models, which impacts payer delivery. When multiple systems collide, every user is left with a chaotic mix of inefficient workflows, siloed information, dysfunctional data and poor ROI.

Salesforce integration can centralize information and communicate seamlessly across independent users. Integrate with your existing EMR systems, manage patient outcomes, payer events or drive cross-facility efficiencies. Connect doctors, hospitals, patients, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, health services and medical device services for meaningful relationships and patient outcomes.

With our people-centered approach, we can develop the unique solutions you require to build long-lasting, efficient and data-driven growth potential. Give us 30 minutes of your time, and you can discover how Salesforce integration brings the best possible outcomes to the industry.

Red Argyle logo
Red Argyle logo