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Focus on Outcomes, Coach for Impact, Personalize at Scale

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Red Argyle, a preferred Salesforce partner, supports businesses with the strategic and technical implementation of outcome-based programs in as little as two weeks with Salesforce Quick Start for Enablement.

Enablement empowers sales teams to reach their full potential and contribute to overall business performance– with the insight and metrics to prove success. That’s a win-win for enablement teams, sales representatives, and the bottom line. Even better, it’s all done in Salesforce.

Drive Predictable, Sustainable Results

Outcome-Based Performance for Business Impact with Enablement

Enablement is a game changer for organizations looking increase sales efficiency and boost performance with intentional and effective enablement programs. The best part, all the work is done in Salesforce. That leaves time for managers to help reps improve their skills and stay focused–with data that proves progress and business impact.

Red Argyle can get you started with Enablement. Let’s talk!

Salesforce Quick Start for Enablement

Choose an Enablement Quick Start solution that meets your needs and launch in as Little as Two Weeks 

With a Quick Start for Enablement solution you can:

  • Pay one price to deploy Enablement
  • Accelerate your Enablement implementation 
  • Rely on experts (and preferred Salesforce partner for Enablement) from Red Argyle to guide you through the process and get the most out of Enablement
  • Align with best practices out of the gate, set up for scale, and innovation in the future



$16K USD


2 Weeks

Quick Start Set Up & Training

  • Set up & Training
  • 2 Programs (1 custom)
  • 4 Simple Measures
  • 2 IAG Walkthroughs



$32K USD


4 Weeks

Quick Start Set Up + Extend

  • 3 Programs (2 custom)
  • 6 Measures (3 simple, 3 complex)
  • 3 IAG Walkthroughs



$56K USD


7 Weeks

Enablement Superstardom

  • 5 programs (3 custom)
  • 10 Measures (5 simple, 5 complex)
  • IAG
  • Einstein Conversation Insights (ECI)


  • Enablement Dashboard Customization: $10K
    Customize the Enablement Dashboard to track program impact
  • ECI API Integration: $20K
    Connect unsupported call or video systems to Salesforce to generate insights using ECI

Get to The Point and Get Started!

With Red Argyle, you can rely on a performance-minded team that brings experience (and creativity) with Salesforce, enablement programs, and complex business processes to help you achieve your goals. We’re one of three preferred Salesforce partners in the American region to support Quick Start for Enablement, we’ve been in business since 2010, and have over 2500 projects completed. 

Let’s talk about your business and your vision.

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