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Startup Incubator

When a long-time client came to Red Argyle with a challenge from one of its corporate divisions, we were eager to take it on.

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The corporate division is a startup incubator organization that works with young companies and founders that use breakthrough technologies to solve humanity’s biggest problems. As a startup incubator, it helps new companies refine their businesses and grow. Not all of these young companies “make it,” but others become successful, standalone businesses.

The incubator’s management team saw the undeniable value that Salesforce could bring to their business model, including visibility into the startup companies and supporting each company’s unique way of doing business. However, the onboarding, evolution, and graduation of the companies created unique challenges. Notably: how to build a scalable, multi-tenant instance that properly firewalls the businesses, but also provides unified reporting and success metrics visibility to investors.

The Red Argyle Solution

Development: custom User Experience (UX)

Consultation: Streamline processes and develope Governance for all stakeholders

Implementation & Development: A secure, multi-tenancy Salesforce instance with Sales Cloud & Service Cloud

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The incubator was confident Red Argyle was the right Salesforce partner to handle its unconventional needs with creative answers. We had the technical chops and a strong culture fit. Our team is made up of critical thinkers and advisors who push the boundaries of what Salesforce can deliver.

We worked with stakeholders at the incubator to deliver the best solution for the teams’ specific needs: Create a fully functional, multi-tenant Salesforce instance that allows startup businesses to onboard quickly and affordably, maintain appropriate security measures, and gain an intuitive user experience while providing cutting-edge analytics to investors.


Red Argyle created a Salesforce infrastructure that allows startups to move into the incubator environment with a tailored and secure Salesforce instance. The work included Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, along with many custom processes.

Red Argyle logo
Red Argyle logo
Driving Proactive Communication

As the Salesforce partner, we drive proactive conversations around daily use, maintenance, and new releases and enhancements, while always keeping security top of mind. We helped establish governance for all stakeholders at the incubator, including the individual startup managers, the incubator team, and investor teams. Feature requests were vetted in this cross-functional collaboration to ensure changes worked for everyone.

Multi-Level Visibility and Security

As startups are brought into the incubator’s environment, we lead the new company through a discovery process to determine the Salesforce technologies needed, the business requirements, and sensitive security needs.

We built a Salesforce instance for the startup that also gives the parent incubator company visibility for reporting and tracking the success of each startup – all while working within very strong firewalls.

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Managing Sensitive Onboarding

The system was designed for security first. When a new team needed to onboard, we leveraged Salesforce’s world-class security model to assure 100% privacy of data within teams. Five startups have been on-boarded, with multiple teams within each business.

Multi-tenancy was the goal with each new onboard, and so the companies were able to run the same quality assurance and regression tests to validate no unintended consequences of the onboard. Go-lives were confident of a successful launch due to our repeatable processes.

Supporting quick starts and steady growth

We’re proud to help more than 75 users work more effectively and securely! Each startup is able to get up and running with Salesforce extremely quickly, without having to start from scratch. Teams are more productive and get better visibility into their work. If the startups grow, we help them move to other Salesforce technologies while maintaining the security and effectiveness of the entire Salesforce environment.

The incubator’s mission is to help innovative startups grow and change the world, and Salesforce is a foundational tool to help them do that. No more spreadsheets, no more silos of data, and a whole lot more automation and clarity. Red Argyle has greatly reduced the friction for the Incubator to rapidly spin up new businesses and help them grow and fulfill their missions.

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Faster Onboarding at a Lower Cost

With the creation of efficient materials and the ability to leverage automation and standard functionality, startup companies are set up in just 4-6 weeks, compared to the typical 3-4 months for a stand-alone organization on Salesforce. In addition, the cost to build out a new startup is about one-third the cost of a typical organization.

What other clients have to say

“Due to Red Argyle’s expert knowledge and solutions, we’ve been able to streamline communications, automate audits and reduce time spent on tasks 25% – 70%.”

“With the solution that Red Argyle built, we have much better automation and communication, and we’re seeing a 70% completion rate.”

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