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This is Team Everyone

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Red Argyle logo

2020 tested Red Argyle in many ways. We worked harder than we ever had before in wake of the uncertainty that this pandemic brought us. And we’re still standing, we’re still growing and it’s all because of our amazing team. Above all else, Red Argyle holds this value to be true: we put people first. 

When the computers shut down at the end of the work day, each Argyler has a life outside of the organization. We are a team, we’re friends, we’re Argylers. We wanted to show you, the world, the individuality that is behind the phrase “I am an Argyler.” 

So meet Team Everyone, the Argylers that make Red Argyle great

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Thank you, Argylers, for being you. 

Red Argyle logo
Red Argyle logo

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