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The #GivingTuesday Spirit at Red Argyle: $10,000 to Local Food Banks!

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When we got Red Argyle up and running, there was something that was very important to us–we wanted to have charity built in to our company’s DNA. Since inception, we’ve been donating 1% of revenues to charitable organizations. Through this endeavor, we’ve been able to donate more than $30,000 over the past 5 years and $10,000 this year alone.


The charities that we’ve been supporting are the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York and Foodlink. Between the two of them, they serve over 400 food pantries from the Mid-Hudson Region of New York up to Canada, and as far west as Rochester. A food bank acts as a warehouse and distribution center that augments the inventory at food pantries and provides access to low-cost perishable food items, which require special handling and storage. Red Argyle’s donations aren’t only monetary; we also spend time helping these organizations through volunteer activities. We provide our staff with up to 3 days of paid time off for charitable activities per year, in addition to other PTO.


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I’m really proud that we were able to continue the tradition this year. It’s actually pretty easy to give when it’s just part of your culture. Our staff works hard, and we all know that 1% of our efforts will help people in need.

We learned about the 1-1-1 concept from Salesforce. 1-1-1 is where 1% of revenue, time, and product is donated to charity. Salesforce has been encouraging anyone willing to take up the cause to take the 1-1-1 Pledge and become a 1-1-1 company. Get more details on this awesome program here: .

I’m still amazed that giving just 1% can do so much, especially when it’s consistent over time. I encourage you to get involved–not only today, for #GivingTuesday, but in little ways throughout the year. At Red Argyle, we’re looking forward to providing more help to those who need it most as we celebrate another 5 years!

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