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The 5 blogs to read to orient anyone to a new Salesforce role!

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Find yourself in a new role centered around Salesforce?

Maybe a new company is asking you to use Salesforce to maximize sales and marketing activities, or your boss wants you to take on the role of your company’s Salesforce admin. Perhaps you’re a developer looking for a new challenge. Whether you’ve just accepted a new job or your organization is now adopting Salesforce, we’ve got you covered with your Salesforce learning.

We’ve all been there. And trust me, we’ve all felt overwhelmed when presented a new software: especially one as configurable as Salesforce. Luckily for you, this is a good thing. Salesforce’s complexity means that it has the ability to make your job easier and more effective – you just have to learn the ropes!

The Orientation Series

Salesforce touches so many industries and positions that it’s hard to get a comprehensive 101 piece specific to your daily role functions. Because of this, we took 5 of the most common roles and wrote a customized orientation piece for each! Depending on your new position, take a look at the following articles to help ramp up your learning:

The learning doesn’t have to stop once you get the basic tips and tricks down! Head over to Salesforce’s Trailhead to customize your knowledge eve more. Trailhead offers free and guided learning paths to help you learn in-demand skills while connecting you with your new Salesforce community.

We hope these articles help you in your new journey. Make sure you’re checking back with us for even more solutions to all your Salesforce questions. In the meantime, congratulations, and good luck with your new role!

We’re here to help with whatever you need to make Salesforce work for you. Just get the conversation started.

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