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Summer 2021 Aplaus Volunteer Day

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“Philanthropy is the greatest drug” – Marc Benioff

We’re very happy that we’ve been able to learn from Salesforce’s leadership, notably with their stance on Organizational Philanthropy. When Red Argyle joined the Salesforce Partner Program in 2011, we also aligned with the 1/1/1 pledge. Since then, we’ve donated 1% of Red Argyle’s time, revenue, and product to nonprofits.

Two nonprofits, specifically – The Food Bank of Northeastern NY and FoodLink in Rochester, NY.  We have always felt that helping serve a basic human need was an impactful way for us to help our communities and bring some of the plenty that we’ve enjoyed in the Salesforce economy back to our local neighbors who are struggling.

Last week our “Alplaus” team spent the day working at the Regional Food Bank Patroon Land Farm.  The Patroon Farm is one of their successful programs that now grows about 200 acres of fresh fruits and vegetables to distribute to the needy.  We accomplished a few major tasks, notably preparing about 10 tons of garlic for drying and processing, and harvesting a few pallets full of zucchini and yellow squash.  Every time we handled a clove of Garlic or picked a squash, it was rewarding to know that that piece of food was going to help feed someone who needed it.

I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to help. It was a great time enjoying a day out in some gorgeous upstate NY weather with the Alplaus Argylers working together to help people.  If you’re more interested in adopting your own version of the 1/1/1 program, I’d suggest reading about our implementation here or check out the Pledge 1% foundation here for more information on how to bake philanthropy in your company DNA.

I truly feel if every company gave 1%, we’d solve the world’s problems. 


– Garry

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