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Seventh Time’s a Charm!

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I can’t believe that I’m about to embark on my seventh Dreamforce trip! It’s amazing how much things have changed, but also what’s stayed the same. Here are a few fun facts:


At my first Dreamforce, The Black Crowes and the Keynotes all happened in the main meeting hall in Moscone South. Everyone fit.

You could get coffee at Starbucks and not grow old waiting in line.

You didn’t need to wear comfortable shoes since pretty much everything happened in Moscone South or West.


With 150K attendees booked this year, none of the above will still hold true. Keynotes now have overflow rooms and live streams, coffee is nearly impossible to find (save an appointment), and you can pretty much bet you’ll walk 1,000 miles throughout the week. However–there’s so much that’s the same, and it keeps bringing me back.

Every year, we get a chance to revel in the innovation of the (now) world’s largest tech conference. Our friends, customers, and business associates are all in one place, and we’re all presented with a gigantic learning and networking opportunity to keep growing our business and keep innovating. Every year at Dreamforce, we’ve found things to take back and help make Red Argyle just a little bit better–and it’s no coincidence that we’re excited to be having our 5th anniversary in November.

Beyond just attending, we’re presenting as well. Tom is talking about, Mark is doing some security shakedown talks, and I’ll be hamming it up as one of the “Trailhead Gladiators.”

Here’s to another good one!  -Garry

Red Argyle logo
Red Argyle logo

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