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Salesforce Summer 21 Release: Feature Updates

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Sales Cloud

A ton of new features are headed for Sales Cloud. Here is a rundown of some of the latest updates coming our way:

  • Pipeline Inspection: The Pipeline Inspection features provides users with a one-stop shop view of related metrics, opportunities and insights of their sales pipeline. One such update is that recent changes to opportunities are highlighted in green or red, depending on whether there were particular changes to amounts, close dates, forecast categories, or stages. By highlighting, say, the opportunities that provide the greatest potential for maximum revenue, users can more clearly concentrate on the factors critical to driving increased revenues. 
  • Sales Cloud Einstein: I’m both impressed and scared by Salesforce’s Einstein feature. On one hand, it’s impressive that Salesforce provides artificial intelligence that can provide a litany of sales-related insights at the click of a button. On the other, it’s scary that a click of a button can provide such a resourceful and impactful take on sales metrics (e.g., data about which leads or opportunities are the most likely to generate the greatest revenues). Now with the new Lead scoring features arriving with the Summer 21 release, users will have the capacity to score leads segments separately (e.g., leads from trade shows versus leads from advertising campaigns versus leads from open houses), they will have a clearer picture of which lead and sales generation techniques work for particular audiences; for what might work for retail customers may not be ideal for wholesale accounts.
  • Additionally, Lead Guided Setup allows for the enablement of Einstein Lead Scoring. In short, the guided setup aids users in determining which configuration is optimal when scoring leads. Which in turn, will help them more efficiently execute their lead conversion process.

Other Cool Sales Cloud Features

  • Accounts as Campaign Members: This functionality basically puts Accounts on the same footing as Contacts when it comes to managing Campaign Members. This is super helpful if you’re at a marketing event and meet with 50 people from the same company (or Account). It’s a lot easier to track potential partners or sales if you don’t have to juggle the numerous Contacts that might be associated with an Account. While there might be only a few key decision makers for any given account, the option to treat Accounts as Campaign Members will definitely be convenient. 
  • General enhancements to Salesforce Maps: One great feature of Salesforce Maps is its ability to optimize schedules and routes. Salesforce Maps even accounts for projected travel time by incorporating road speed limits and traffic congestion. Basically with a click of a button you can optimize routes for your team (technicians, deliverers, installers, ectc.) so they can get to where they need to be in the shortest amount of time. 
  • Engagement Reports: New custom report types and sample reports provide fast feedback on how much users are engaging with Leads and Contacts.These reports provide invaluable insights into who engages with contacts and leads, when such engagements occur, and the vehicle through which such engagements happen (e.g., email or phone communication).

My Trailhead

  • Trailhead content has your back: Now, every few seconds, Trailmaker Content saves your work on the cloud. Additionally, when your work is saved it’s also depicted. Your work is preserved even if you switch to using a different computer. This feature provides additional peace of mind, as content creators don’t have to worry about losing hours of work if their computer crashes or their batteries run low. 
  • Upload art to your trailhead: It’s now easier than ever to upload images to your trailhead. Right from a server or hard-drive, a user can upload art. All it takes is the myTrailhead Content Access and myTrailhead Content Creation permissions, and a user can login to their company’s myTrailhead site and upload as much art as they desire. 
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