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Salesforce People to Follow on Twitter

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Red Argyle on TwitterThere is so much going on in the Salesforce world, how do you keep up with it? Since caffeine pills and working 20 hour days are discouraged, I use Twitter. It has a large community of Salesforce folks. But you might ask how are you supposed to keep up with all of the people you follow? You could spend all day reading Salesforce tweets. I tend to follow a lot of people and I keep it all organized using lists. I view my lists on HootSuite. I find it easier to look at my lists side by side instead of one at a time on Twitter.

Salesforce Lists to Follow on Twitter

Here are the lists I check daily on Twitter to stay up to date with all things Salesforce. I try to only put people on one list to keep things organized.

1. Salesforce MVPs – Salesforce MVPs Past & Present. MVPs are MVPs for a reason. They have tons of Salesforce knowledge. I try to follow them all.
2. Salesforce Admins – People working in Salesforce every day.
3. Salesforce Developers – Love to listen to what they are tweeting about. They are on top of technology!
4. Salesforce Consultants – It’s interesting to see what other Salesforce consultants are working on. Salesforce is so versatile no two projects are the same.
5. Salesforce Employees – People that work at Salesforce.
6. Salesforce People – Anyone else that tweets about Salesforce.

15 Salesforce People You Must Follow

If you can’t keep up with following so many Salesforce People on Twitter then here are the 15 people you must follow in no particular order.

1. Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce @Benioff
2. Garry Polmateer, Managing Partner at Red Argyle & Salesforce MVP @DarthGarry
3. Mike Gerholdt, Salesforce MVP & ButtonClick Admin Blogger & Podcaster @MikeGerholdt
4. Eric Dreshfield, Salesforce MVP & Southern Indiana Salesforce User Group Leader @EricDresh
5. Bonny Hinners, Salesforce MVP, Focused on Nonprofits @SNUGSFBay
6. Matthew Lamb, 6X Salesforce MVP & Technical Architect at Appirio @SFDCMatt
7. Geraldine Gray, Salesforce MVP, Principal at Endiem, & Founder of Girly Geeks! @GeraldineGray
8. Shell Black, Salesforce MVP & President of @Shell_Black
9. Tal Frankfurt, Salesforce MVP, Founder & President of Cloud for Good @TalFrankfurt
10. Paul Greenberg, CRM & SCRM author @pgreenbe
11. Peter Coffee, Vice President of Strategic research at Salesforce @PeterCoffee
12. Natalie Petouhoff,  Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research Inc. @DrNatalie
13. Brian Kwong, Salesforce MVP & Salesforce Specialist at CPM Healthgrades @Kwongerific
14. Peter Terhune, Salesforce MVP working at Conga @CongaPete
15. Becky Webster, 4X Salesforce MVP & Manager at Acumen Solutions @BeckyMaeW

We didn’t want to list ourselves but of course follow us @RedArgyleDotCom for just the right mix of Salesforce information and office puppies! How do you keep up with the constant stream of Salesforce information? Who is your go to person on Twitter?




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