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Salesforce CMS Custom Content Type Generator

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Dreamforce 2019 brought us many new features on the Salesforce platform. Salesforce CMS caught my eye in particular. Red Argyle builds a lot of Salesforce Communities for sophisticated clients, and I see great potential in the features of Salesforce CMS.

At the moment, working with some configuration aspects of Salesforce CMS requires lower-level interactions with the Metadata API (admin UIs will catch up eventually). One such feature is Custom Content Types, which allow you to define different types of content with different fields for your CMS Workspaces (very akin to Record Types on SObjects – think: News, Blog, SOP, Case Study, etc).

Today, you need to manually build the metadata file for a new custom content type. This is bound to become standard, button-clickable platform configuration in the future. But, in the meantime, I thought I could help make this process a little simpler with a Custom Content Type Generator via Google Sheets.

The instructions are outlined on the “HOWTO” tab. Basically, copy the GSheet for yourself, update the “Fields” tab with the Content Type name and field definitions, then copy-paste from the “Output” tab into your metadata file.

You still need to create files and deploy them with the Metadata API, but hopefully this Generator makes it a little easier to define and get started with custom content types.

Get the Salesforce CMS Custom Content Type Generator

Feel free to post questions or comments here, in the Salesforce CMS Trailblazer Community, or reach me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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