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When a high-profile global media company needed an outside partner to assess its security, process efficiency and continuous improvement efforts, they chose us. We tackled this complex project and scored quick wins for the client while setting them up with a playbook for long-term success.

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A global media company was going through rapid change, growing quickly in a few short years and facing new business processes to fit its trajectory. With millions of users, the company was committed to high standards of security, process efficiency, and continuous improvement. 

The company had Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Experience among multiple internal Salesforce instances. This created a complex Salesforce environment, with several organizations and admins working across the company – in addition to a shifting security and privacy landscape. The company was recently acquired, which created an environment of uncertainty and change. 

Due to limited in-house resources and capacity, the company sought an outside Salesforce partner to accomplish the following:

  • Audit and identify areas of improvement within their Salesforce implementations
  • Assess the current security posture
  • Identify any immediate, critical risks and provide a recommended long-term approach to continuous improvement

The Red Argyle Solution

Security audit of multiple salesforce instances

Red Team security testing

Consultation: policy and IT infrastructure

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Red Argyle was selected as the Salesforce partner to serve as an extension of the company’s team and to address its Salesforce, security, and process needs. The company chose Red Argyle based on its deep experience and successful outcomes delivering specialized security services to other tech-savvy media companies.

Red Argyle worked closely with the IT team and Salesforce admins to assess, prioritize, and deliver security remediation work.


Red Argyle provided an independent, third-party audit that reported on the strengths and areas of improvement within the Salesforce Implementations. From there, an action plan was created that included the following:

  • 12 months of consulting to aid in the alignment between tech resources, compliance, and IT teams
  • Review and updates to Salesforce Shield, as well as optimizing the usage of Shield to improve compliance
  • Periodic red team exercises to aid in the validation of compliance needs
  • Documentation enhancements to establish expectations across the organization
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A fast, efficient path to success
By partnering with Red Argyle, the client achieved what they didn’t have the capacity to accomplish on their own: An accelerated timetable to reach their security, process, and continuous improvement goals. The short-term solutions led to quick wins, setting the company up for success as they tackled the plan’s longer-term efforts.

Improved security and alliance posture

The global media company has improved its security and alliance posture with Red Argyle’s documentation and action plan, which outlined hundreds of items – many of which are efficiently carried out by the client’s own admin team. In addition, better alignment with the IT organization, including the CIO, has resulted in allocating the right resources to continue prioritizing security and privacy.

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Red Argyle salesforce implementation consultant
With Red Argyle’s work and consultation, the company has gained a clear action plan for a more secure design, helping to avoid problems before they become critical issues.


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