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Reflecting on the Vibrant Salesforce World Tour, NYC Edition

Rockefeller Center, with the tree in lights, in December.
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Picture of Parker Harris from the crowd as he addresses the crowd at Salesforce World Tour, NYC
Parker Harris, Salesforce Co-Founder, presenting the keynote at the World Tour. Picture Credit: Garry Polmateer

The turnout at this year’s Salesforce World Tour in New York City (yay, NYC in December) was incredible–it was at capacity! Not only did I log over 20K steps, but I also felt this was the most active World Tour in my memory (and as a member of the Salesforce world for a while, I’ve been to many). Kudos to Salesforce for attracting and bringing in a fantastic representation of leaders, partners, ISVs, and innovative thinkers across the Salesforce ecosystem.

While the day’s events followed the anticipated high-value keynote and sessions (accessible on Salesforce+), I want to delve into two standout moments that left a lasting impression on me:

AI + Legal Round Table: Redefining Legal Practices with AI Integration

One of the most impactful sessions for me was the AI + Legal round table. This gathering brought together legal industry leaders and AI experts to explore the intersection of AI and legal verticals. Witnessing firsthand how AI is becoming integral to legal practices was eye-opening. CIOs shared insights on implementing policies and systems to facilitate AI usage, while AI experts discussed future use cases in the legal world.

What struck me was the real, demonstrable value AI delivers in legal firms—time savings, error reduction, or enhanced staff efficiency. What was shared is that trust is key – and managed through a two-pronged approach. The first is through clear guidelines and staff training to enable folks to leverage AI to increase productivity. The second is customizations made to AI systems (via Salesforce or homegrown) that bake in additional protections, such as tokenizing data and properly gating the ability for incidental PII to leave the firm.

One use case that shocked me involved leveraging AI to analyze the Enron email database in real time, surfacing relevant answers with contextual references. This is an example of innovation that is poised to revolutionize legal research.

Salesblazer: A Thriving Salesforce Community for Sales Professionals

Picture from the crowd of Kaela Altman and Shakil Kamran talking in front of the group
Kaela Altman, Salesblazer Community Manager, interviewing Shakil Kamran. Picture Credit: Garry Polmateer

Another personal highlight was attending the inaugural Salesblazer welcome reception hosted by the Salesblazer community team. Another kudos to Salesforce for the investment in the community. This emerging group within Salesforce is more than just a platform for administrative discussions; it’s a hub for diverse sales topics, fostering the sharing of insights that extend Salesforce’s application in sales strategies. As an MVP program member, I feel the collaborative spirit that encourages mutual success and learning from collective experiences. Check out for engaging content and community involvement.

Final Thoughts: Looking Ahead in Tech

Rockefeller Center in December with the tree with lights.
You have to visit Rockefeller Center in December! Picture credit: Garry Polmateer

To wrap up, the AI showcase in the legal sector was just a glimpse of the boundless potential AI holds across industries. Even if you’re not in the legal industry, you can see how the sky’s the limit right now! Additionally, witnessing the energy and activity around the new sales community genuinely warmed my heart. With AI backed by the Salesforce platform, the tech landscape is undeniably thrilling. It’s truly an exciting time to be in tech!

If you’re interested in discussing how Salesforce technology can meet the needs of your business, we’re here to help!

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