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Red Argyle Opens A New Canandaigua Office

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Red Argyle’s new Canandaigua Office is officially open! It’s been a long time coming and we’re so excited to finally get to say that we have a new office space!

Back in 2019, we were well into the process of making plans to move into a new Canandaigua office. And as the well-documented story goes, those plans were halted due to what happened in the world between then and now. So we took a step back and reevaluated: How do Argylers want to work? How can we best serve our clients?

Our new office is a collaborative space that can be utilized by Argylers when and how they want. We’re sitting comfortably in the hybrid work mode and have given employees the option to work from home or to come into the office based on what works best for them.

The ultimate goal was to have a space that’s a secure and supportive place for curious people to continue doing excellent work and build sophisticated solutions. Having an office space to fit all Argylers however they want to use it and whenever they need it will create a place for adaptive, tenacious and curious work. Not making the office a must use, but rather a collaborative space that can be utilized when preferred. 

A couple of Argylers taking calls in our private rooms

Our space functions in three different aspects:

  • As a Workshop: Like a carpenter’s workshop, it’s beneficial to have the work area spread out. That way you can have all of your tools organized and plenty of room for building when necessary. 
  • As a Laboratory: Like scientific laboratories, we have to experiment as well. On different things of course, but like scientific laboratories, our work can benefit from having a well-stocked, high-tech, controlled environment where work is precise and measured.  
  • As a Studio: Like a photographers studio, having a place that is well lit is beneficial for the moral and mental health of the people doing their best work. A safe place where we can feel our best while working together is a productive place.
Our office space will often function as a doggy daycare for a few of our Barkgylers

Argylers can use the new office space how they want. The office and how we use it will evolve over the next couple of months and even the next couple of years. As times change, we change as well. 

We don’t expect desks to be filled every day, because we know that the work from home hybrid model is beneficial to so many of our employees. However, when desks are filled, the hope is to have an environment where people can do their best work together. 

Red Argyle logo
Red Argyle logo

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