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Red Argyle: Celebrating 5 Years of Awesome

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We’re celebrating something pretty amazing at Red Argyle–our 5-year anniversary! Back in 2010, Tom started Red Argyle with a dream of building a company that delivered impressive results and gave our team a chance to grow and thrive, all while giving back to the community. We’re really proud to say that these guiding principles are still what define Red Argyle today, 5 years later.


Our Work: No two clients or projects are alike, and that’s why we’ve always been flexible in our approach. We’ve done business with Fortune 500 companies and we’ve worked with small mom-and-pop businesses. We’ve built enterprise grade integrations processing hundreds of thousands of transactions a day, and we’ve built workflow rules that fire once per month. Through all of this, we have always sought to provide the best solution, one that is bespoke–efficient and elegant, just for our customers. Our favorite problems to solve are the “weird ones” that you don’t see every day. I like to think of them as “Problems someone else doesn’t want to touch with a 39-and-a-half foot pole.” They tend to be extremely challenging, but extremely rewarding to bring to life. We take this craftsman-like style to everything that we do. It’s like fine carpentry, but for information systems.


Our Team: Smart, talented, dedicated, and curious…these are some of the words that best describe our people. Every day we’re reminded of the talent our folks have, and with 3 new team members joining us over the last few months–and a few more positions opening up soon–we know that we can continue to expect even more great things from this impressive group.

Beyond what our team does, as owners, Tom and I have worked hard to build a company that is awesome to work for. We’ve created a fun and flexible work environment and give our team challenges and realistic goals. After all, we work here too, and part of our entrepreneurial journey has been creating a lifestyle that we like personally, and then affording that to everyone on our team.


Our Community: Charitable giving has been built in to Red Argyle’s DNA from year one. Back in 2010, we took the Salesforce 1-1-1 Pledge, committing to donate 1% in equity, time, and money to charitable causes. Over the last 5 years, we’ve donated $30,000 to the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York and Foodlink–and $10,000 of that was donated in 2015 alone! Red Argyle team members also provide their expertise to numerous nonprofits, serving as volunteers and board members.


Our Partnership: Tom and I went into this business with a handshake when we partnered up to build this enterprise. Over the past 4+ years of my tenure here, it’s become much more than that. We’ve become best friends. Our shared values and vision has helped us get to where we are today, and nothing feels better than knowing that someone’s always got your back.


5 years is a major milestone for any technology company, and we’re thrilled to be celebrating this momentous occasion. We give our sincerest thanks to all who have helped us along the way: the clients who have challenged and excited us, mentors who have lent their expertise, our partners at Salesforce, Heroku, Conga, and beyond, and, finally, members of the greater technology community who have been generous with their time and skills to help us out when we’ve been in a jam.


Thank you for joining Red Argyle for our first 5 years! We know that there are lots of great things to look forward to in 2016 and beyond, and we’re honored to have you with us on the journey.


Red Argyle Boutique Salesforce Agency - 5 Year Anniversary Logo

Red Argyle logo
Red Argyle logo

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