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Presenting: Argylerandomageddonathon!

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A few weeks ago, ESPN gave us all a weekend diversion in homage to, well, themselves, in the form of The Ocho. Fans of the cult-favorite movie Dodgeball will recall the reference as ESPN’s eight-times-over “Other” channel. True to form, ESPN momentarily rebranded themselves for a Saturday and showed the most random sports possible.


In a move of inspiration and flattery, we’re pleased to announce the first edition of Red Argyle’s staff talent showcase and epic stunt spectacular, set for the day of May 22: Argylerandogeddathon!  We’re planning on taking the day off from normal work activities and focusing on enjoying a variety reel of everyone’s special talents and abilities.


We invented the idea of Argylerrandomageddonathon which is a combination of these 4 words:

  • Argyler – Our teammates at Red Argyle
  • Random – Because what we’re about to see is quite a random selection of skills
  • Armageddon – Because while we hope everything ends well with everyone’s talent showcases, it’s not a guarantee!
  • ‘Athon – Because it’s going to be happening over the course of the day.

It’s important to mention that the event’s name has now expanded three times since it’s the original title, and will likely get even longer before the show’s over.

Rumors of nunchucks, beekeeping, chainsaws, mountain bike stunts, horses, and much, much more are in store for the day. We’re looking forward to sharing a highlight reel with the world to show that we put the “Weird” in “Complex, Custom, and Weird” while loving what we do.

For our customers, Red Argyle offices will be closed on Friday, May 22 for Argylerandogeddathon and Monday, May 25 for Memorial Day.  We will continue to monitor support channels and respond to any urgent requests. As always, contact us at if you need anything – operators will be standing by, even in the midst of the long holiday weekend.

Sound like something you want to see? Make sure you are following us on Facebook to catch the highlights!

Red Argyle logo
Red Argyle logo

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