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Preparing for the Worst and Hoping for the Best – Red Argyle’s Preparedness for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Following our values, (Articulate, Transparent, and Purposeful) we deemed it prudent to release a statement on how we are preparing to manage issues related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.  Our goal with this is to have information available to the public and our customers related to how we are preparing and mitigating risk.

Our current state is awareness and preparation.  We have no large changes or disruptions at this time.

Our information source is the US Center for Disease Control and we are basing our information on what is available on that forum.  As needed we will also consult with local authorities should it be necessary.

At a high level, we’re prepared to take action on a few fronts to maintain business continuity:

#1 – We have deep experience working remotely and managing remote projects.   Originally, Red Argyle was a 100% remote company with no offices. Our core leadership team has a decade of remote/hybrid experience.  Given that, our infrastructure (100% cloud) allows us to work remotely at any time. In the event of a disruption, Red Argyle will transition to 100% remote working arrangement until reliable information and recommendations dictate otherwise.

#2 – We have flexible working arrangements.  Since inception, we’ve given our team latitude in their daily schedule and usage of PTO.  It is our intent to continue this and allow staff to work through the disruptions which may come (schools being canceled, illness or family caregiving) as needed.

#3 – This is part of our communications plan which we’ll continue to update, our three audiences are our staff, customers, and the public (via this blog).  For any affected engagements in the future, we will be communicating with customers if/as/when we understand the potential impacts.

#4 – At a deeper level we have a business continuity and disaster readiness plan which outlines communication channels, roles, and responsibilities, processes & procedures should there be a major outbreak or other environmental challenges to the business.

In closing, I believe we need to be here for each other. 

Should this grow in severity, I believe it is every business’s responsibility to take care of their people and customers to the best of their ability.  We’ll get through this if we stick together and don’t panic. And hopefully, it’s not a big issue and we all just walk away a little bit more prepared.

If you have any questions, thoughts, ideas or concerns – let us know.  It is our intent to continue evolving and updating as conditions dictate.



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