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Missed Connections 2019? Here’s What Went Down

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If you missed Connections, you’re in luck! Salesforce uploaded the conference to their YouTube channel, making it easier for all of us to experience the event for those of us who weren’t able to attend. Connections offers a series of some of the greatest marketing minds on Digital Marketing, Commerce and Service. This event highlights the importance of connecting with your customers and offers various perspectives on how to best build those connections using the salesforce platform.

The salesforce team kept up with consistent blogs throughout Connections. Covering discussions, product announcements. Here are of the daily highlights:

  • Day 1 – Read up on female leaders in the spotlight, Trailmojis hitting Chicago, Yo-Yo Ma and more!
  • Day 2 – Customer engagement, how to elevate diverse voices to reflect your clients, and a goat for the g.o.a.t.? Read more!
  • Day 3 – Check out the new rules for customer engagement, the games found at the event, and the women who made Connections amazing!

If you loved this, plan your trip early to the 2020 event! Connections will be held in Chicago again between May 4th through the 6th. We’ll see you there!

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