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Introducing Unify!: Low-Code, Flow-First Approach

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Introducing Unify!: Red Argyle’s Low-Code, Flow-First Approach for Automations in your Salesforce Org

Salesforce continues to double-down on Flow. The Summer ‘20 Release unlocks the latest, pivotal “After Save” Flow feature. With this latest feature, Flows now have parity with Process Builders, Workflows, and Apex Triggers.

With this new parity, Flow can now live at the forefront of your org, serving as the hub of automations within your Salesforce org. There is no better time than now to review, consolidate, organize and optimize your automations while reducing configuration debt, mitigating the risks of automations running amok, and even cutting lines of Apex to achieve a lower-code state. With that, we’re excited to introduce Unify!: Red Argyle’s approach to review and realign the automations in your org with a Flow-First approach.

Red Argyle logo
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