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Introducing the Team: Sasquatch Socks

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We are keeping our promise in celebrating women all March long in honor of International Women’s Day earlier this month. What you didn’t see is that behind the scenes, Red Argyle launched a brand new team: Sasquatch Socks – The Women of Red Argyle.

Meet the team! From left, Alex Maroselli (Consultant), Rebecca Patros (Finance & HR Manager), Elizabeth Renshaw (Finance & HR Coordinator), Lynn Michels (Consultant), Shannon Barno (Marketing Coordinator), Aniela Wolkonowski (Configurator)

Sound like a Crayola color you’ve heard of before? That’s because it is. All of the teams, departments, and practices at Red Argyle choose a Crayola color that showcases their team spirit. It’s a small part of what makes our culture unique. Life is colorful and fun, work should be too.

Why call our team of amazing women Sasquatch Socks?  As Dr. Catherine Hill outlines in her article Why So Few?, women in STEM are often overlooked, undervalued and misrepresented.  We knew we needed a name that stuck out and makes you think. It’s easy to overlook the challenges that women are facing in the working world. We want to be a part of the groups that are calling it out. Added bonus: it’s hot pink. 

Sasquatch Socks isn’t just around for the month of March. We launched this team to get our ladies out there in our local communities, advocating on behalf of women everywhere – keep checking back to see us participating in these events. 

Want to join the team?

To be an honorary member of Sasquatch Socks, you don’t have to work at Red Argyle. You don’t even have to be a woman. You just have to be aware and ready to learn. Want to join? Check out some of these Trailheads from Salesforce to get started:

Next week we’re going to be diving into the day-to-day lives of some of the women who make up Sasquatch Socks. Make sure to check back so that you can hear the stories of our challenges and accomplishments in tech and leadership roles and why they are so important to talk about. The best way to see a change is to be the change. 

If you missed our last post, check it out here!

Red Argyle logo
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