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Interactive Learning and Community Building at Salesforce World Tour NYC 2024

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A Newcomer’s Guide to Salesforce World Tour NYC 2024

Technology and Community

I support internal operations at Red Argyle as Sales Operations Coordinator and I had the exciting opportunity to attend Salesforce World Tour NYC 2024 in April with my colleagues. Here were my key observations and takeaways from the event:

As a first-time attendee and relative newcomer to the Salesforce world, World Tour NYC 2024 was a whirlwind of learning, networking, and inspiration. Far beyond just a showcase of technology and innovation, the event was a celebration of interactive learning and community building. The atmosphere was vibrant, the attendees were enthusiastic, and the sessions were welcoming and educational. Here’s what made the event informative and engaging for a rookie like myself:

Broad Learning Opportunities

With over 190 sessions to choose from, including demos, discussions, and workshops, the learning opportunities were vast. Sessions provided practical insights into how Salesforce’s tools can be utilized across a huge variety of business scenarios. The diversity of sessions was impressive, catering to everyone from potential customers and folks curious about starting a career in Salesforce, to seasoned professionals looking to deepen their expertise. This inclusivity made the event feel very welcoming and ensured that there was valuable learning available for all levels of experience.

Interactive Trailhead Challenges

One of the most fun and engaging aspects of the event were the interactive Trailhead challenges. Participants had the chance to dive hands-on into Salesforce’s learning platform, tackling challenges that not only tested our understanding but also offered the chance to win prizes. This gamified learning experience was both fun and a practical way to deepen our knowledge of Salesforce capabilities. I walked away with an Einstein plushie and a coveted Trailblazer hoodie!

Salesforce Community 

Corporate Culture and Ethos

Coming from a background in sociology, something that stood out most to me about the event was the opportunity to observe Salesforce’s unique corporate culture and values in person. The session topics and social interactions at World Tour NYC demonstrate broader social dynamics, reflecting principles that are reshaping modern workplaces.

The principle of ‘Ohana,’ which means ‘family’ in Hawaiian, is deeply integrated into Salesforce’s corporate philosophy. This value was seen reflected in the setup of the conference and the highly-encouraged networking that happens there. Salesforce facilitated these interactions through meticulously designed ‘connection zones’, which were structured to facilitate interactions across different levels of power and status, reflecting the social stratification and mobility within the tech industry. A sense of community and belonging was purposefully built into the structure of the event, welcoming in newcomers and greeting returning guests like old friends. 

Technological Adoption and Impact

The introduction of cutting-edge technologies such as AI and machine learning was a highlight of Salesforce World Tour NYC 2024. From a sociological perspective, these sessions offered a glimpse into the future of work and the evolving human-technology interface. Discussions around the implications of these technologies on privacy, employment, and ethics reflected both optimism and caution, providing examples of perspectives on the future of work, ethics, and human-machine collaboration. Topics like these demonstrate how developing technology and corporate policies can influence and be influenced by social change and societal equity.

Tips for Other First-Timers: 

Download the App! 

The Salesforce event app was an incredible resource. Download the app a few days before the event so that you can view the schedule and map. Save sessions you are interested in, create a personalized schedule, and use the app to find your way around during the event – there is a lot going on! 


but be prepared to throw those plans away and wing it. With so many sessions and workshops happening all at once, it’s important to prioritize the topics that align with your interests and professional goals; but prepare to adjust your plans. I found that wandering around the event space, listening in on sessions I may not have otherwise attended, and taking some time to absorb was just as worthwhile as following my original plan. 


Get involved, ask questions, strike up conversations, join a Slack channel. With so many attendees of all backgrounds and levels of experience, there truly are no stupid questions. You can learn more and form meaningful connections easily if you are willing to speak up and get involved. (I joined the Salesblazer community and Slack channel!)


This event significantly shaped my view of what it means to be part of the Salesforce ecosystem— it was a comprehensive forum for growth, learning, and community engagement. Whether you’re just starting out or are looking to expand your expertise, the Salesforce World Tour is a rich, immersive glimpse into the world of Salesforce for all seeking growth and connection in the tech world. I look forward to the next Salesforce event I am able to attend!

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