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Red Argyle’s Salesforce Professional Development Program

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  1. a knitting technique used to create patterns with multiple colors, resulting in an inlaid pattern.

Patterns to greatness

The definition of Intarsia speaks to our method of weaving professionals who gravitate to the Salesforce platform into the fabric of Red Argyle to shape a future in the Salesforce ecosystem. 

In six months, we can turn anyone with the drive to learn the Salesforce platform into a critical player on a project team, solving real-world challenges for real-world clients.

If you fit the criteria below, please complete the form at the bottom of this page to be considered for the Intarsia program.

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Red Argyle's intarsia evolution

results-driven foundation

Since 2017, we’ve welcomed students (we’ve called them co-ops or interns) through our experience-focused co-op program. As a result, we’ve helped curious people develop into intentional Salesforce professionals (and many Argylers).

Now, the program is evolving into a Salesforce Development program.

Time commitment for the intarsia program

a six month program

All Intarsia cohort members are paid a competitive hourly wage and assemble twice a year from many backgrounds, including college students, Salesforce Talent Alliance referrals, second-career seekers, and anyone with a genuine interest in Salesforce.

Intarsia cohorts follow a 40-hour-a-week, 6-month schedule consisting of a combination of:

  • Classroom-style learning to learn technical and professional basics
  • Studio time to hone skills through intentional projects
  • Shadowing Red Argyle team members to see skills put into action
  • And ultimately, placement on a project team to learn and work alongside other Argylers
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criteria for consideration

Demonstrated Interest in the Salesforce Platform

Any of the following are considered demonstrated interest:

  • Significant Trailhead effort
  • Prior software development Bootcamp participation (Salesforce-specific or otherwise)
  • Prior part-time, internship, co-op, or apprenticeship experience in an organization that uses Salesforce role

Apply to be considered for the intarsia program

If you fit the criteria above and are available for a 6-month engagement, please complete this form to be considered for the Intarsia program. 

Please note that submission of this form indicates your interest in being considered for Intarsia and does not guarantee acceptance. Available Cohort slots will be determined by interest level. Interviews for the 2023 Q1 cohort will begin in late October.

  • Intarsia Cohort 2023 Q1 (January 1 to June 30)
  • Intarsia Cohort 2023 Q3 (July 1 to December 31)

"*" indicates required fields

Please provide if you would like your efforts in Salesforce Trailhead to be evaluated as part of your consideration into the program.
Current Salesforce Certifications
Please indicate if you have participated in bootcamps, internships, apprenticeships, or similar. Please provide links to program resources if possible.
Please provide links to resumes, project sites, source code repositories, or anything else that you feel is valuable for evaluation as part of your consideration into the program.
Cohort Preference
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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