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How Red Argyle Can Help – Salesforce & COVID-19

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These are interesting times and Red Argyle is here to help.  We understand that Salesforce is a critical business application and we want to make sure we are here to support you as needed.  

Some of the ways we have been helping other organizations: 

Salesforce Alignment and Adjustments

Is COVID-19 changing the way we work, go to market and help our respective customers? If you need immediate help to realign your solution let us know.  As an example, we have added COVID-19 fields to track Opportunities put on hold.  

User Management 

We know in these times that staff changes are unfortunate and will impact your instance of Salesforce.  If you need help with freezing or deactivating users, realigning territories, reassigning leads, opportunities or cases let us know.  If you just want someone to look over your shoulder to double-check the work you did around this, reach out. 

Admin for Hire

If you need support for the next few months to make sure your teams can keep working let us know. We have several different options around support and if needed we can work together on whatever arrangement you might need to make something work for you. 


If you’ve had to make staff changes and the person responsible for Salesforce is in need of some training there are a few options and ways that we can help.  

  1. Trailhead – Is a great place to start
  2. Red Argyle 101 blog series 
  3. Admin 101 Training – The focus is on just what you need to know to support the day to day of your org.  This is an inexpensive way to make sure you know the basics around being an Admin.  

COVID-19 Impact Tracking 

Salesforce as a platform allows us to quickly build applications that are scalable and secure.  If you find that you need help tracking the impact of COVID-19 let us know if we can help you quickly build an application to make tracking and governmental reporting easier when the time comes.  

Red Argyle CEO Garry Polmeteer wrote a great blog on how we can help if you need something.  In his post, he notes that we are here to help and that if we have to get creative around payment, just let us know.  If you need anything, customer or not, we are here to help.  

Please submit a request for help to

Red Argyle logo
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