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How Can I Just…

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I was having a great conversation with a client yesterday.  He’s onboarding for Sales Cloud and we were discussing the philosophical aspects of where Salesforce can help make things more efficient.  We discussed reports & derivative metrics from associated Campaigns, and lead conversions and task management.

It was a great conversation and needed to set the stage, but my client’s demeanor changed near the end and said “This is all great, and that’s where I want to get to.  But tell me this – How can we just close two more deals per month?”

Two Deals a Month…

Two deals a month, for him pays for the whole thing and is just a small incremental improvement over their current volume.  However, two deals a month is a huge step in the right direction.

That kind of struck and grounded me.  The conversation immediately changed and we went from philosophical topics down to tactical review of data usage & followups.  If all we want to do is close two more deals a month, follow these procedures and it’ll happen.

It was identified that the biggest enemy was the lack of a system and lack of followup from my client.  With a few VERY SIMPLE steps, we walked away assured that they will indeed close two more deals per month.

#1 – Put your data in Salesforce.  You don’t have to be an artisan, just smash anything that you know onto an opportunity record.

#2 – Keep your Opportunity status field up to date.

#3 – Keep you “Next Step” field up to date and check them DAILY

#4 – Use a task to remind you when you need to do something in the future.

If they can follow these simple steps, they will be closing 2 more deals per month, and possibly many more.

The purpose of this post is not to orate 4 simple steps for success, but to challenge you to ask yourself the question “How can I close 2 more deals per month”, or “How can I resolve two more cases per month”, or anything.  How can you improve just a little.  You need to improve a little before you can improve a lot, and I bet that you already have the tools in place to make it happen!

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