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Highlights: Salesforce’s Summer ’19 Release – A Consulting Perspective

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As usual, the Summer ’19 Salesforce Release is packed full of new features and goodies. Reviewing the Release Notes internally has become a ritual here at Red Argyle. Our teams look for themes within the content so that we can understand where Salesforce is focusing their efforts so that we can better help you!

What’s New?

A big takeaway this release seems to be that Einstein is everywhere! New Einstein features are showing up in a lot of different places, different Clouds, Analytics, Forecasting, Chat, and more. It seems that Salesforce is making it more available across the board, instead of making it an expensive feature only usable to enterprise-level clients who have deep pockets. So, if this sounds like something you’ve been looking to explore, the Summer Release might be hinting that you’ll get that opportunity sooner than you think.

In addition to this, I was happy to see some core enhancements to Lightning Knowledge Reporting, Reporting overall, and the Related List component, which has been a real frustration for a while. More than three records visible at a time!

Finally, I am excited to see a lot of focus on Automation! That’s my favorite subject so I am interested in the Automation Home, which allows an administrator to see an overview of all of their automations. There is also feature parity with the old Flow Builder (undo, redo, copy, find on page, rich text returns), and enhancements to Dependent Picklists in Flow. And perhaps MOST importantly, Apex-defined data types and Flow URLs can have parameters in Communities! This means some workarounds that we’ve built before are no longer needed and we can work more quickly and efficiently with our custom solutions.

Sneak Peak: Winter Release ’20

If you’ve heard the buzz about the Winter ’20 Release, you may be among those surprised to see that organizations would be even more explicitly pushed to move over to Lightning. If you haven’t already, make sure you are moved over to Lightning before this happens. Still curious about it? Here’s how Lightning can help your business: click here

If you do need help with switching to Lightning, contact us!

How did you like the Summer ’19 Release? Let us know in the comments!

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