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High School Graduates: Enjoy the Summer by Learning Salesforce!

Learn Salesforce with Trailhead
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Phew, you did it! 12th grade completed. The world is your oyster! You probably have the feeling that you’ve got this giant summer vacation to relax and get ready to move on into the next phase of your life, like college or your first “real” job.

For those of you looking to keep your skills sharp and fill the void, I humbly suggest continuing your education with some self guided technology learning–and best of all, it’s FREE. Continuing your studies over the summer under your own ambition will help you get ready for college or that first job. You’ll learn invaluable skills that will help you throughout life, both in technology and in terms of being a self starter. is a great app to learn. If you think having Microsoft Office on your resume is good, Salesforce on your resume is GREAT. The Salesforce job market is growing at an unprecedented pace. Skills learned mastering Salesforce translate to other technology and will undoubtedly open doors for you. Salesforce is not only for sales, it’s a full featured technology platform that allows companies to build applications to manage their entire business.


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Trailhead is the fun Salesforce learning system that plays like a game.


Salesforce’s new gamified learning system is called Trailhead. Trailhead creates an easy to learn path to get to know the Salesforce platform. The lessons stack in an additive fashion, and, by the end, you’re building your own data models, applications, and automations, all without having to write any code. If you want to write code, they’ve got that covered too!

Here’s a few topics that are covered:

  • Introduction to Relational Database Design
  • How to customize Salesforce standard objects
  • How to create automated messages and data operations
  • How to build reports (Way cooler than Excel)

Trailhead is available here: Give it a look.

Completing Trailhead paves the way for Salesforce certification. We’ve got a number of blog posts that give more resources, stories, and details on how to get certified, so go ahead and spend a little time checking out our blog.

Finally, if you’ve read this post and are interested in learning more about the Salesforce ecosystem, give me a call or send me an email. I’d be happy to set up a call with me or folks on my team to give you some real world info on why Salesforce is a great direction to steer your ship. I’m available at or just fill out the contact us form on our site. I’m challenging you to give Trailhead a try. You’ll be amazed at what you can learn in a week, and you might just be surprised at how learning Salesforce can impact the direction you take in the future!

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