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Heck Yes, I’ll Talk to You

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Are you thinking about filling out our “contact us” form? If you are, I say go for it. Make the first move. Let me tell you why filling in a few blanks on our contact page could be a great thing…


I’ve been shocked on lots of calls lately, with folks telling me that they’re having a hard time having meaningful conversations with people when looking for services. I’m here to tell you: I want to have meaningful conversations. I consider myself “no BS,” and if it’s not a great fit, you’ll know it quickly. I won’t claim we’re experts on something if we’re not. If we are keen on your needs though, I’ll probably be very “fired up” about the conversation.  


We really do want to talk to you. Even if you only have 2 hours of work for us. I want to meet, get to you know you, and figure out if we can and should work together. We’re a small business, and we definitely get working with small businesses. We’ve also had a consistent stream of enterprise projects, so we can speak big company too. Red Argyle has always been a relationship driven company and most of our customers are with us through numerous projects.


I’ll even make a pact with you if we strike up a partnership: We’ll get business done without being boring about it.


Are you ready to get to know one another? I’ll go first: My name is Garry, and I’m one of two managing partners at Red Argyle.  I can speak many languages, including CEO, Business Analyst, Designer, and Everyday English. I manage sales here, I’ve run support, and I administrate our own resources as well as those of dozens of customers. I am a Salesforce Certified Administrator, Community MVP, and nonprofit specialist. I’ve been in IT since 1998 and consulting since 2008. I’ve got a bachelor’s degree in art and spent 4 years welding. I’ve built Volkswagens with my Dad, have a dozen tattoos, and I heat my house with wood that I split myself. My wife says I have a sense of humor, and I’m inclined to agree. I tweet often from @darthgarry. And I’m just one person here–you should see what everyone else has done.


What I’m saying is this: I think we can have a meaningful conversation and find lots of common ground to start building a relationship. So what do you say? Want to talk about Salesforce and how Red Argyle can help your company get the most out of it? Fill out our contact form here!

Red Argyle logo
Red Argyle logo

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