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Everything You Need to Know About Dreamforce

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Everything you need to know about Dreamforce

With Dreamforce just around the corner, we are seeing a lot of great blog content covering tips and tricks to get the most out of the conference. We blogged about this extensively last year, so this year, instead of posting 15 separate blog posts about Dreamforce, we are excited to share that we’ve combined all of the content into one easy-to-digest ebook!

This book focuses on how to best prepare for Dreamforce, how to get the most out of the event while you’re there, and what to do after you get back. AND, as a bonus, in case you can’t make it to Dreamforce, we’ve even included some extra content on how to run your own personal Dreamforce right from your home or desk. So click here to get it now, a free direct PDF download, no pay walls or other solicitation of information. We hope this resource gives you a leg up at this year’s Dreamforce conference! Let us know in the comments if you found it helpful or have any tips that should be added to next year’s edition.


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