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Easy UX Wins for Salesforce Admins: User Experience Research

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My role has spanned a few disciplines – technical consultant, business analyst, and power user. Having worked on three sides of Salesforce representing tech, business, and a user’s perspective, I know that adoption, enablement, and User Experience (henceforth UX) are always a challenge and also a place for easy wins.

I’m excited to share a three-part blog series, starting with User Experience Research, on how to improve your organization’s UX.

User Experience Research Primer: User Interviews

Before tackling a UX effort, let’s talk about User Experience Research (UXR). This is a critical step for understanding where users struggle to use the system. I’ll break this down into two quick plays to make this manageable.

  1. Engage in interviews with your archetypal users. Determine who represents the core users in your Salesforce instance. Then, set up a 30-minute chat to gain a few perspectives from these folks–this does not need to be a long and drawn-out process!
  1. Focus the chat on the user. Let them drive. Here are three questions that may open the feedback floodgates:
  • What are your top five tasks in Salesforce every day?
  • Can you show how you accomplish these tasks and explain what you’re doing?
  • At each step of the process, can you elaborate on parts you understand and parts that are mysterious?

In the next part of this blog series, we’ll discuss a few easy wins every Salesforce Admin can employ in their organization.

Helpful Resources for UXR

  • Become a User Research Participant at Google! Being on the user side might help you gain insight into how to conduct research yourself. Sign up to be a participant.

Make Salesforce Work for You

User Experience Research not for you? No sweat, Red Argyle offers a full suite of UXR and consulting services. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to learn how we can help!

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