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Digital Transformation: A Discussion With Red Argyle CGO Ron Willie and President Michele Nichols of Launch Team Inc.

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The pandemic has accelerated the need for organizations to transform digitally.  The need to have employees, partners, and customers interact, do work, buy things, and service one another digitally has never been greater.  

Besides getting the tech right, the success of any digital transformation initiative comes down to how well an organization and its people handle change.  

I recently had a chat with Michele Nichols, President of Launch Team to discuss what is driving the digital transformation initiative as well as some of the challenges this change brings and how best to plan, measure and succeed when so many transformation initiatives fail to deliver on their true value.  

Michele and I discuss: 

  • Why industries are investing in digital transformation. 
  • Resistance to digital change and setting proper user expectations 
  • How long digital transformation initiatives take
  • Why digital transformations fail. 
  • How to measure the success of digital transformation

The benefits of any digital transformation initiative far outweigh the risks, which can be mitigated with a thoughtful approach. To learn more, download our ebook.

With over 20 years of experience developing and utilizing the Salesforce platform, Ron Willie has developed first-hand knowledge of how Salesforce can help businesses succeed. His areas of expertise include CRM adoption and development, defining outbound sales strategies, tools, and processes, and scaling business, and driving profitable revenue.

With an MBA and over 15 years of experience in improving service delivery, Michele Nichols understands what it takes to drive innovation. Her areas of expertise include organizational development, process improvement, precision manufacturing, and optics.

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