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Defining & Adopting CRM Tools

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Our very own Eliza Hammer Gage was recently a guest on two episodes of Ted Newill’s Medical Device Success Podcast to talk about what a CRM tool is, how it can be helpful for your business, how Salesforce specifically is unique, and much more! Since what we know (and of course what Eliza knows) is Salesforce specific, both discussions move from a general CRM discussion to a more detailed explanation on the Salesforce tool. Whether you are looking for information on CRM tools as a whole or Salesforce-specific information, Eliza discusses both broadly and in detail later on in each episode. 

The first episode highlights what a CRM tool is and how to build the foundation. Typically, CRM adoption amongst organizations can be low. So in this first episode, Eliza goes into specifics of how a CRM tool helps, why your organization should be using it, and some strategies on how to get your team to embrace the new tool.  The discussion goes into detail of the flexibility of a CRM tool, key components of a successful implementation as well as strategies to make the CRM tool feel like second nature in your business process. 

In the second episode, Eliza and Ted go into a more detailed discussion on how to adapt Salesforce and if Salesforce is even the best fit for your organization. This episode goes into detail on how Salesforce can start doing the heavy lifting for you and start generating revenue for your organization. Eliza discusses the relationship Salesforce can harbor and streamline between Sales and Marketing as well as how the Salesforce tool can be extremely beneficial for forecasting and sales. 

If you’d like to talk to us or Eliza on how Salesforce can be beneficial for you and your organization, contact us! We’d be more than happy to talk to you! Let’s discuss Salesforce adoption and how it can help you.

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