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Change is Coming

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A few changes are coming to Red Argyle that we are excited to share…

#1 – We are proud to announce that our team is growing!  The last few months have been amazing, but something has become apparent.  As more customers have chosen to do business with us we identified two needs.  First, we need a complimentary skillset to our current capabilities, one that covers the more strategic and administrative end of the Salesforce consulting spectrum.  Second, we have a sufficient volume of work to necessitate bringing someone on so that we can continue to deliver excellent customer service.

With that said, the search began for another partner.  We searched high, low, international, and in our back yard.  We were not going to let just “anyone” join the company, we knew that this person had to be a perfect fit.  Values, personality, and skills all had to be a match.  Luckily, we did not have to search too long.  A longtime friend and prominent Salesforce community member has accepted our offer for partnership.  Today, we are proud to welcome Garry Polmateer to the Red Argyle team!!

Garry will be assisting in consulting projects, marketing initiatives, and spreading joy and laughter around the office.  We’ve worked together in the past and are very excited about working together again in the future.  To learn a little more about Garry, check out his Twitter page:  He just may be posting to this blog in the near future with further introductions 🙂

#2 – Red Argyle, DBA is becoming Red Argyle, LLC.  As we have continued to grow and look towards the future, we understood that the current corporate structure would need to be upgraded.  This new corporate structure will allow us to meet the demands of running a successful, growing business.  

What do these changes mean for you?

There may be a few minor administrative changes related to the corporate structure change which we will send notifications directly to each customer with information and any needed actions.


We owe a big thank you to all of our customers and the community for turning this dream into a reality.  We are very excited about the future and where we will be able to go together.

Red Argyle logo
Red Argyle logo

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