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Celebrating Team Everyone at Red Argyle

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Our team at Red Argyle is constantly growing. Just in the past year, our Argylers have grown over 30%. Red Argyle believes in good people doing good work. With the rapid growth over the past couple of years, it could have been easy to lose that idea. The kind, hardworking, and amazing people within Red Argyle are just as important to us as the work we do. We believe that we can only do amazing and great work if we have amazing and great people. Our Team Everyone highlights just that. 

Team Everyone is not a formal initiative, instead, it is something that we use to wrap our culture into a phrase. Not one person is responsible for the success of our company. Like the work we deliver, we are a culmination of dozens upon dozens of pieces, put together to form something great. We understand that Argylers are first and foremost people. And people oftentimes have a lot happening in their lives outside of work. Team Everyone means that when an Argyler needs help, we’re there to support them. That is what Red Argyle is, and that is who we are. 

Two of our team members highlight what Team Everyone means to them and what makes Team Everyone so powerful.

Team Everyone is a culture that embraces curiosity and weirdness. Team Everyone is one on one learning moments. Team Everyone is rooted in Great Work. Team Everyone is bigger than/expands beyond our work tasks. Team Everyone is shared words of encouragement during personal hard times.  Team Everyone is a mini Argyler making a guest appearance on our Hangouts. Team Everyone is shared photos and videos of our weekend adventures. Team Everyone is all the questions about Elizabeth’s cross-country bus adventure. Team Everyone is long pun threads in Slack. Team Everyone is custom dog GIFs for the office dogs. Team Everyone is an accepting and inclusive spirit. Team Everyone is Red Argyle’s success.

-Danielle Fanto, Argyler Ops Coordinator

Prior to working at Red Argyle, my favorite jobs have been in fine dining kitchens. The high-stress, fast-paced environment inherent to restaurants creates a camaraderie amongst co-workers that I was heavy-hearted to leave behind as I headed into the world of office work. However, that worry was needless as it only took a couple of days at Red Argyle to learn all about Mojo: the people-first, self-accountability, go-get-work-done, help-your-neighbor, I-Am-An-Argyler climate created by Tom and Garry, and nurtured into a culture by their employees. Here at Red Argyle, work is important, your work is important, but so is your neighbor’s. When I arrive at a roadblock, I receive the same responsiveness, care, and assistance from my department teammate, as I do the CEO or a project-team developer. Tom and Garry have eliminated the cut-throat corporate ladder climb at Red Argyle by making Team Everyone everyone’s team. 

-Elizabeth Renshaw, Finance and IT Specialist

Work is crazy. Home is crazy. Life is crazy. With a Team Everyone approach, we are trying to make life a little less crazy by creating an atmosphere at work where our employees are encouraged to ask for help. Team Everyone takes everyone. We are proud of our employees and excited to take on new challenges with our team each and every day. 

Red Argyle logo
Red Argyle logo

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