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Celebrating International Women’s Day

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An equal workplace is an empowered workplace. We believe this wholeheartedly, which is why we wanted to celebrate International Women’s Day this week and highlight the incredible women who make up our team.

We thought one day just wasn’t enough which is why we are extending out into this week– and it looks like we weren’t the only ones with this line of thinking. Salesforce is hosting a Spring into Leadership Webinar about women, for women in the workplace. This event is taking place at 2 pm today, March 10th. Click here to add it to your calendar! 

Can’t make it to the webinar or just want more information? Salesforce has got more for you. As you know, we can’t say enough great things about Salesforce’s Trailheads. Here are a few trailheads we love that go further in-depth with some of these concepts:

As a technology company, we feel an obligation to bring these topics to the forefront. Women, globally, and especially in STEM fields are misrepresented and undervalued. Here at Red Argyle, we try to do our best to make sure we aren’t a part of those statistics. To get a better understanding of the challenges women are facing in STEM and the challenges that Red Argyle is working to overcome, make sure you check out Dr. Catherine Hill’s article Why So Few?

We couldn’t be more proud to be a Salesforce partner, much of that is in part to the attention they pay to equality in the workplace. So much so that they landed a spot as #7 best workplaces to work for women this year according to! Read more about the list and read about the other companies doing great things for women by clicking the link here

We want to keep this conversation going! Keep your eyes out for more Red Argyle pieces centered around our female employees in the coming weeks. 

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