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Adjusting to a new normal: How we can help

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COVID 19 Update – 3/26/2020

First and foremost, we’re here to help.  

We’ve always had long term relationships with our customers.  They’re fantastic people and organizations, and have supported Red Argyle and helped us grow.  If there’s something that is needed, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  

Whether we’re currently engaged, haven’t done a project in a while, or never have spoken, email  We’ll do what we can to help.  What we want to avoid is someone not doing something important in their Salesforce instance. 
Seriously – if you need a helping hand, reach out.
 We can sort out the when, and if, of billing later.  We’d rather give a bit of our time now to give you confidence and not be paid, then have anyone hesitate on something they need. 

On the operations front, we have some priorities:

#1 – We are taking care of our team.  As a company, we want to focus on everyone’s health.  We closed the offices on 3/12 and have been working remotely since.  

#2 – We’re doing what we can to accommodate the new normal.  Schedules, connectivity, and other challenges abound. We understand that no matter the life situation, this has impacted everyone.  Even with this, we’re operating at “near full operational capacity”. Are we 100%? Of course not. Are we still getting great work out the door?  Yes, we are. Our team continues to rally and do amazing work. We’ll continue adapting as conditions change to be able to help.

#3 – We’re approaching each situation with compassion and empathy.  These are hard times for everyone. We’ll continue doing everything we can do to help and bring kindness to the work.  If you have any challenges, email

We’re optimistic that things will be back to normal, hopefully, sooner than later.  Once this is all over, we will still continue to be here for you. 

Red Argyle logo
Red Argyle logo

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