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4 Days of Argyle

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Tom and I are excited to be spending the next four days in semi-seclusion with our team.  There has often been this romanticized thought of a “retreat” to make some great things happen.  While we’ve seen or heard of our fair share of mediocre retreats, we’re going about it a different way.  We don’t think that just by sharing a space for a few days that we’re going to be enlightned with strokes of genius.  What we do think is that we’ll sharpen and focus ideas that we have and get group buy-in.  We’ll be able to deeply share information with the team and learn quite a bit.  A few things that I’m looking forward to:

Proximity – We work remotely.  It’s sure going to be nice to get everyone together, even for a little while.  With the savings on office space rental, we were able to rent a nice private camp to relax and percolate ideas in.

Food – We’re going to be cooking and eating some awesome food.  How can we possibly go wrong with this.

Fun – If we have a lot of fun and get a little bit of work done and return home refreshed and ready to hit the ground running, then we were successful!

Well that’s it for now, time to go start packing!

Red Argyle logo
Red Argyle logo

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