Process Builder Enhancements Highlighted in the Salesforce Summer ‘15 Release Notes

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At Red Argyle, we have something of a tradition of writing blog posts about our favorite features in Salesforce releases. With the Salesforce Summer ‘15 Release Notes just coming out, we’re back at it again. After spending some time with the latest Release Notes, I think I can condense all of my favorite upcoming changes into a single topic: Process Builder Enhancements.


Salesforce Summer '15 Release Notes announced updates to the Process Builder
Process Builder in Salesforce


Seriously, if you haven’t done work with the Process Builder yet, I highly encourage you to get out there and do so. Spin up a Dev Org if you have to. The Process Builder is some seriously powerful voodoo. It lets you accomplish things that were previously only possible with Apex, like populating lookup fields on records automatically, taking developer-level functionality and putting it into the hands of administrators. You can now declaratively configure Salesforce to create new records when criteria are met or easily push data to child records when a parent record gets updated.

There are still some functionality gaps between Process Builder and Apex; for example, you can’t yet query specific records from the system in a process the way you can with a SOQL call in Apex. But increasing the amount of things that you can do declaratively (and without having to write test classes) is a boon to administrators everywhere.

The changes coming, as highlighted in the Salesforce Summer ‘15 Release Notes, are going to accomplish a couple of things. First off, they’re going to improve the user interface, making it easier to do things like navigate through previous versions of a Process or set up automatic Chatter posts. They’re also giving you the ability to set fields based on formulas and calculated values. And while you can’t yet do SOQL queries, the new function to filter which records to update based on criteria is a step in that direction. This is all good stuff, and I look forward to seeing how Salesforce keeps working on and improving this awesome part of the system.

Do you have questions about the Process Builder or thoughts on the changes that were announced in the Salesforce Summer ‘15 Release Notes? Want to share some of the cool ways you’ve been using it to get the most out of your Salesforce implementation? Leave a note for us in the comments below or get in touch via social media.

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