Mark’s Top 5 Features from the Winter ‘15 Release

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Salesforce Winter 15 Release

Four months have passed, and once again we find ourselves looking at a new Salesforce release on the horizon. I’ve had a chance to look over the Winter ’15 release notes, and there are a few features that stand out to me as being particularly awesome. Some of these you’ll have seen before on Matt’s and Garry’s posts, a consequence of my not writing this post earlier, but I’m okay with that. There are a couple features here that are worth hearing about more than once.


This one really goes back to my days as an administrator. Maintaining clean data is one of the main keys to keeping it useful and relevant. It doesn’t take a ton of duplicates to make your system feel dirty and cluttered. Although this feature is still in beta, having these tools available and built in to the core Salesforce application will help admins configure systems that are proactive about data quality.


When I first reviewed SalesforceA, I wasn’t a huge fan. I thought that there was a lot more that the app could do to make itself more useful to admins. Salesforce appears to have agreed, and the new features keep rolling in. Viewing system status in the app helps make it more of a one-stop shop. And the ability to manage multiple orgs is practically custom built for consultants like myself.


I like Salesforce1. I think that giving users the ability to do their thing from anywhere in the world is a powerful approach. Adding functionality to Salesforce1 is almost always going to win a “good thing” vote from me, and this is no exception. You can now convert leads to contacts and create opportunities.


It’s more of a quality-of-life enhancement than anything else, but this one still gets a nod from me as a top feature. My practice for deploying change sets is always to validate before deploying. Letting that first validation still count for the deployment step is going to save time when migrating new functionality from a sandbox into production. That said, it’s going to be up to admins and developers not to abuse this feature when multiple change sets are being deployed in close succession. (Now if only we could validate good code in production while we were still in the sandbox…)


This is totally a personal pet peeve issue, but I’m glad to see they’re addressing it. The rich text editor in Salesforce hasn’t been up to snuff for a while now. I’ve had some serious headaches with this, especially as it comes to merging rich text fields into Conga templates. Getting this update is going to help make sure that things are being correctly formatted in Salesforce in the first place.

So those are my top 5 features for the upcoming release. Got questions about Winter ’15? Think I left anything off the list? Feel free to get in touch via the comments section below or through Twitter.

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