Don’t Get Soaked by Upcoming Salesforce Login Pool Changes

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If you haven’t received an email like the one above, I’d be surprised. When Salesforce sends these notifications out, I often receive questions from my customers asking what it means to them.

The most recent notice is concerning Salesforce login pools. These login pools are resources developed to make logging into Salesforce faster, along with abstracting the login url and resource from the physical hardware.

To help you determine whether this message affects you, I present this nifty flow chart:


Flow chart to determine if Salesforce login pool changes affect you.
Not sure if upcoming Salesforce login pool changes affect you? Reference our flow chart for help.


So the big question, if changes are required, is, “What needs to be done?” And, even if you’re still not sure, you might have the same question.


I’d recommend sending the following 3 items to your IT security team:

1) The original bulletin from Salesforce (like my example above) that you probably received. (If you didn’t receive one, I’m happy to send along a copy to you.)

2) The Salesforce login pools preparedness audit:

3) Information on what IP ranges should be whitelisted:


Check in with IT once they’ve reviewed these documents to either be assured that the issue does not affect your organization or to validate that fixes have been implemented to avoid any interruption of service when the Salesforce login pool changes take effect on 11/14/15.

I hope this was helpful. Questions? Drop a comment or hit me on Twitter – @DarthGarry.

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