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Red RestoreAt Red Argyle we were super excited for all of the features we saw in the Winter ’14 Salesforce release, especially the ability to Archive Chatter Groups!

We know that companies use Chatter Groups for all kinds of collaboration- some short term, some long term. And a key way to keep adoption high is by offering a way to keep your Chatter Groups in order- archiving was the perfect solution.

But we asked- “What if you are a Salesforce Administrator and need to restore a chatter group quickly that you don’t own?”

Red Restore to the Rescue!

I challenged our development team to “Give Salesforce Admins 1 tab and a checkbox to archive or restore any archived Chatter Group”. Apps from the AppExchange should be simple to download and just work- and that is exactly what Red Restore does!

Quickly Archive or Restore any Chatter Group

Red RestoreWhy should you have to wait 90 days to deprecate a chatter group? At Red Argyle we use Chatter Groups for a variety of purposes and some are very time-based. Because of that we want Chatter Groups easy to find, so removing the clutter is essential. With Red Restore we are able to create short-term chatter groups, utilize them, and instantly archive them.

Mass Manage the Auto Archive Feature

With Red Restore it’s easy to view all of your Chatter Groups and with the check of a box instantly choose if they should Auto Archive after 90 days of inactivity.

Install Red Restore today!

Some apps are just too good to charge for, so we made Red Restore free on the AppExchange. You can click here to install it today!

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