A Quick Tip for Button Click Admins Who Use Process Builder in Salesforce

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We love the Salesforce Process Builder.  It’s been a great way for our company, as a Salesforce Partner, to avoid writing what we call “Utility Code,” or Apex that performs rote operations with little logic.

One limitation of the Process Builder is that you currently cannot use a formula to dictate the text value of a field update. While this might seem like a show stopper for Salesforce admins and developers, there is actually a simple workaround.


As you’re writing your process, when you need to update the value of a field, use the value of another field to dictate the result. Since you can write any normal formula to generate a value within a formula field, this value can then be passed into the process.

So, as an example, check out this process we recently wrote to rename Opportunities. Since the naming convention has some logic to it, we dropped a formula field and then told the Process to include that field’s value.

Field Formula for “Opportunity Renaming Formula”:

Account.Name & “ Renewal ” & TEXT(TODAY())

Process Action:

Process Builder formula field selection
Select your formula field as the value for your field update in Process Builder.

Problem. Solved.


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